Amy Blythe

Why self-care is an essential daily practice

With : Amy Blythe – Amy Blythe Yoga
Time : Saturday 17th October 4pm

In this session

  • What is self-care?
  • What makes it essential
  • What self-care can look like for you
  • How to implement it in to your daily routine

About Amy

The ethos of my business is self-care. All the services and expertise I offer are self-care related. As a sports massage therapist I have seen lots of bodies tense and painful from a lack of movement and a build up daily stress. For that reason my yoga classes aim to move the body; freely and intuitively as well as stilling the mind; quietening the inner chatter and the busyness of modern day life. I am passionate about all things self-care and I aim to inspire and educate about the importance of practising daily self-care.

Amy’s Self Care

“My self-care is a daily practice of awareness around how I am. Over time I have become better at recognising when I need to take time out. My self-care includes yoga, running, meditation, journaling, and reading. Being by the sea is the ultimate self-care for me!”

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