Julie Wilson - Mindful Wellbeing

The Wonder of Mindfulness

With : Julie Wilson – Mindful Wellbeing
Time : Friday 16th October 7.30pm

During this session you will be introduced to the core elements of Mindfulness Meditation. We will clarify some of the common myths of what Mindfulness is and isn’t.

We will explore some of the benefits that research has shown Mindfulness to bring. You will be invited to experience a Mindfulness Meditation Practice, learn some simple techniques and a short practice that you can introduce into your daily routine.

About Julie

My personal journey into Mindfulness began in 2011 when I attended a Mindfulness Programme looking for ways to manage stress whilst working as a Social Worker in social care. I began to introduce the strategies I’d learnt into my daily life and discovered how beneficial Mindfulness was, seeing improvements in my work/life balance, a reduction in stress levels and a general feeling of increased wellbeing I felt I was more in control of my moods and thoughts and was more able to cope with whatever came my way in life.

My home life benefited as using Mindfulness skills I was able to engage more fully in family life rather than worrying about work. I began to see the potential of how Mindfulness could benefit many of the service users and carers I worked with and became passionate about developing and sharing my knowledge of mindfulness.

In 2014 I undertook a Level 4 Certificate in Working Therapeutically with Teaching Mindfulness & Compassion taught by Karen Atkinson, experienced Mindfulness teacher and owner of Mindfulness UK. Since then have continued to develop both my personal and professional practice remaining passionate about teaching mindfulness and compassion practices within my community and supporting others in starting their own Mindfulness journey.

Julie’s Self Care

“Establishing a regular Mindfulness meditation practice has probably been the biggest tool I use towards my own self-care. Although my practice was quite variable initially, over the last 3 – 4 years I have developed a regular practice and the introduction of compassion and self-compassion practices allowed me to really introduce myself to a form of self-care in which I am much gentler and kinder towards myself. It enables me to be less judgemental about myself not constantly strive to the way I feel things should be but acceptance myself quirks and all! People often tell me they don’t have time to meditate, whilst for me prioritising and allowing myself that time (even 10 minutes in a day) is the biggest form of self-care I can give myself. ”

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