Katie Arsott

Hatha Yoga

With : Katie Arsott – Simple Wellbeing
Time : Friday 16th October 6.30pm

A relaxing, 45 minute Hatha Yoga Class suitable for everyone and all levels, the perfect way to start the weekend. The class shall combine: Pranayama (Breath Work), Asana (Physical Practice), Mediation and Relaxation. Please get yourself settled in comfortable clothing and have some water and a pillow/blanket close by.

About Simple Wellbeing

Katie has a passion for health & wellbeing and combines over 20 years of corporate experience, 15 years of Nutrition, Wellbeing & Coaching experience and her Yoga Practice and Training to deliver classes, courses and workshops specially designed to help you rest, restore, relax, nurture and nourish on all levels while leaving you feeling inspired, positive and invigorated at the same time!

Katie is also a qualified Children and Teen Yoga Teacher.

Katie runs specialised Yoga & Wellbeing courses in Trauma, Bereavement and Mental Health as well as various Corporate Classes.

Katie’s Self Care

“My self-care is essential and elements on my self-care check list are non negotiable for my wellbeing! Firstly, it has to be daily and consistent for a healthier and happier life. I love to surround myself with nature, the sea, the woods, the fields, gardening I don’t really mind! I love spending time with my son, my family, my ‘tribe’ laughing, singing, dancing and creating memories.

I practice yoga, pranayama (breathing), mediation daily as well as writing in my journal, doodling & planning. I love to cook & bake, the more colourful the better. I also love to read and listen to inspiring audible books whilst laying in a bubble bath!”

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